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Tips on How to Grow Onions Organically with Maximum Results

Onion is one of the vegetables/herbs are very easy to be cultivated, just in the container. There is no need for extensive land to plant under this red. Planting onions organically in the garden is one step forward to maintain family health.

Onion is one of the main ingredients in cooking, so the market demand is quite high. Onion has a high economic value. For small to medium scale we can use our home yard to plant it. With good preparation and care, this plant will grow with satisfactory results.

Before starting to plant the onion organically should we prepare the first onion seeds. Seeds of the onion we can make you by separating each onion clove from the kitchen. Then cut a little on the tip of the onion, do not need too much cut, 4 or 5 mm is enough. Point to stimulate the growth of red onion leaf. Once the onion seeds are available, take the next steps of organizing the onion internally.
Onion Seedling
Onion Seedling
Here's How to Plant a good organic onion:
  1. Ground hoeed deep and clear of wild grass, then make a mound with a width about 80cm and height about 30cm. Or you like to plant it in pots is not a problem. The important soil media planting onion is adequate.
  2. Sprinkle the mound with manure and compost if necessary. Cover the soil surface with fertilized soil again, no need too thick. Make sure the land bumps loose, to maximize the growth of plants under red.
  3. Plant onion seeds that have been prepared with a distance of 20cm per plant, to maximize root growth and do the watering.
  4. Perform onion plant care by watering regularly and weed grass that disrupts the growth of shallot plants.
  5. Within 2-3 months after the onion planting period can be harvested (depending on the quality of soil and seedlings and maintenance). Or you can see the characteristics of red onion ready to harvest the leaves that begin to collapse and yellow even tend to dry. It is an onion sign that is grown organically ready to be harvested.
Benefits of onion for health:
  •     Overcoming Constipation
  •     Prevent Cancer Occurrence
  •     Healthy Heart
  •     Controlling Diabetes
  •     Overcoming strep throat
  •     Lose weight
  •     Treating The Wind In Children
  •     Treating Urine Disorders, etc.
Plant Onions Organically
Plant Onions Organically
It's easy enough to plant organic onion, do you want to try it?
Thank you for reading the tips on how to plant an organic onion, hopefully useful. Do not forget to share to your friends or family so that they will benefit.
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