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How to Plant Organic Chili Pepper in The Pot

Plant Organic Chili Pepper in The Pot
Plant Organic Chili Pepper in The Pot
Some time ago I have posted how to plant green organic mustard greens in the garden, This time I'll post about how to plant chili organically in the pot. In order for our great chili plants results in quality as well as quantity then we must pay attention to some of the following tips.

Some people are very fond of consuming foods that are spicy, even felt there was less in the food if there is no taste spicy in it. Therefore, planting chili pepper organically in the pot is one of the right choices. Plant a chili that's not difficult, with a little knowledge and experience will boost his crop.

Here's how to plant organic chili pepper in the pot:

1. Prepare chili seedlings that will be planted
Chili seeds
Chili seeds
You can buy the seeds of chili in a nearby farm store if If you do not want any hassles making it. But there will be a satisfaction if you make yourself chili pepper seeds that you will be planting. It's easy, pick a chili pepper that really is old and mature, it is up to the type of chili is what you like to be planted. Halve chili or open his skin so it looks seeds in it. Remove the seeds and chili-bathing under the scorching the sun directly, the relative drying out time depending on how the sun and how moist chili seeds. This is to prevent damaged and rotten chili seeds. Actually, this is not mandatory, You may not do it because there is no significant influence with the results obtained.
Chili seeds
Chili seeds
2. Sowing the seeds of chili before planted in a pot

Sowing chili pepper seeds
Sowing chili pepper seeds
Sowing the seeds of chili before planted them in a large pot. So are we can select chili plants really well to being grown. The following steps to sow the seeds of chili before planted in pots:
  • Soak the seeds of chili that has you prepare as in step 1 above in warm water for 24 hours to stimulate root growth in chili seeds. You could also add a liquid root stimulant that can be bought in the shop of the farm if need be.
  • Note that you soak the seeds, put seeds that float above the surface of the water likely to grow because the marinade is a very small possibility.
  • After marinated for about 24 hours, wrap the pepper seeds with a wet cloth during 24 h again.
  • Create media for the chili seeds to have well-prepared soil mix composition and compost or manure. The comparison is 1:1.
  • After the chili seeds wrapped in a wet cloth over the last 24 hours and has prepared for the media, the next step is sowing the seeds of chili for the media.

3. Planting the seeds of chili peppers that have been sown in pots
Planting the seeds of chili peppers in pots
Planting the seeds of chili peppers in pots
The third step in planting chili organically in this pot is moving the chili pepper plants have been sewn into the pots that are filled with media for planting. Media plant used is the same as for seedling media, namely a mixture of soil and compost or manure in comparison with 1:1.
You can move the seedlings into the chili pot after growing about 4 strands of leaves each plant or have felt strongly for planting. Move the chili seeds carefully, try to move all at once with the soil stuck to its roots. Move in the afternoon today in a State of moist soil.

4. Perform maintenance at the plant of chili

The final step in planting chili organically in the pot is doing treatments. In this chili plant care to note is the availability of nutrients are enough to plant in the ground. Keep the soil moist but still, do not until there's water pooled. Do fertilization if needed, of course, use fertilizer organic manure or compost that is natural and free from chemicals.
Note the chili plants don't get stricken with pests, spray with organic pesticides on the stricken plant pests. Or you can spray it periodically as an attempt prevention.

5. Harvest Chili

The last step of any process of planting of course harvesting results. Chili plant organic can be harvested after 60-75 days after planting depending on the type of chili planted.

Harvesting chili also must not be haphazard, pick the chili is not too old (ripeness 80-90%), do the process of harvesting on the morning after the dew dried up.

That's the way to plant chili organically in a pot, may be useful. Thank you.
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