Organic gardening tips for beginner

What to be prepared for organic gardening?

Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening
For successful organic gardening plant vegetables and fruits are the most important thing is to prepare a planting medium suitable for the growth and development of plants. Nutrient elements required by plants should be available in sufficient quantities and composition and appropriate.

Natural planting medium consisting of a mixture of soil and organic materials that have a high nutrient content. In addition, the availability of water in the growing medium should be sufficient or relative humidity levels higher than usual planting acreage.

Fruit and vegetable plants will grow well when given nutrients with organic matter in the form of compost that comes from the rest of the ingredients are organic, chicken manure, droppings of goats or cow dung that has been cooked. While the soil is good for growing media is taken at a depth of 5 cm below the surface. One example of good soil is sand clays soils, because the soil has good characteristics. Clay serves as an adhesive medium for planting, while sand is beneficial to give porosity is good for plants.

What to be prepared for organic gardening?

We need to gardening organically is actually not hard to obtain. Due to the fact we can use what is around us. Media equipment, ranging from planting, seeds, pesticides, natural or organic fertilizer.

In organic gardening, we don't need equipment that is expensive and hard to come by. Because we're basically moving in small to medium scale and equipment gardening organically is quite simple. E.g. shovels, gloves, if necessary, the pitcher plant sprinkler, hoe etc. all of which were easily obtained in agricultural stores anywhere.
Utilization of unused items as organic planting container
Utilization of unused items as organic planting container
While the media as container gardening organically we can use second-hand goods that are unused. For example the pot from the former beverage containers/unused food, plastic bags, coir etc. No need to buy an expensive pot. And if you have enough land, can also be planted directly in the ground, of course, a stretch of land that has been processed and contain adequate nutrient elements.

The fertilizer used for organic gardening can we get from household waste (waste vegetables and fruits) of cattle dung, which we observe, or buy at the store of agriculture (only if needed)

One of the advantages of organic gardening is the absence of the actual use of chemical pesticides is not very good for health. We can use a concoction of plants that exist around us as a natural pesticide. For composition and materials used for making organic pesticides, I will describe in the next posts. So stay tuned this Organic Gardening blog.

For the seed which we use in organic gardening can we earn from the farm store is closest to a hefty price tag. Or you can earn from grain vegetable and the fruit is completely ripe and ready for planting. Of course to be chosen the best of shape, size or taste. But for the planting of the first time, I recommend you buy it used to be in agriculture because the quality is already assured.

Quite simple and cheap gardening organically preparations ranging from tools, materials/media, fertilizers, pesticides, natural or seed. So, is there still a reason for you not to organic gardening?
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