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Make a Good Medium for Growing Organic Vegetables

Good planting media
Good planting media
As we know the advantages of organic gardening are in the soil or its planting media, a good planting media will produce a good crop. As long as it still cared for and spared from attacks of pests.

The planting medium has a very important role, namely to support the plant, providing nutrients and provide a venue for the roots to grow and grow.

Here's how to make a good planting soil/media for organic gardening:

  1. The Soil should be in a State of loose, never too crowded so the plant roots can grow freely. The root is the major part of the plant that serves to absorb the nutrient elements that are used to grow and expand, so do the root growth to be stunted by the media that is too dense.
  2. Make sure the planting medium can save water while having a good aeration and drainage so that the water is not pooled or too humid and cause plant organic fruits or vegetables you sow death.
  3. The planting Medium should be clear of pests diseases that could cause difficulty growing crops or even die.
  4. Make sure the soil or media containing organic plant nutrient that is sufficient and balanced for plant growth. Nutrient elements on the ground can be obtained from organic fertilizers, compost, manure or from naturally occurring microorganisms as well as the activities we make on its own.
Compost dirt
Compost dirt
Although we are already preparing the planting medium organic gardening is good, we still have to take care of him. Regular watering to keep the soil moisture, so the plants can grow well. It also gives occasional fertilizer according to needs of the plant.
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