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How to Plant Mustard Greens Organic in The Garden of Our House

Mustard Greens Planting
Mustard Greens Planting
One of the vegetables that many interested communities is mustard green. In addition to delicious healthy also because contains lots of nutrients such as vitamins A, B1 and C, phosphorus, iron and much more. Because the benefits are so great then we should consume it on a regular basis.

We can use our garden/farm to plant mustard greens organically. Planting mustard greens organically in the garden is very easy if done properly and seriously.

Here's how to plant mustard greens organic in the garden of our House

Mustard Greens Seeds
Mustard Greens Seeds
Tools and materials needed to plant mustard greens organic farm:
  • The seeds of mustard greens, we can buy seeds of mustard greens in a nearby farm. Select the type of plant varieties or mustard you like, because it has some type of mustard. Make sure that the packaging of the seed is still tightly closed and there is an expiration date that has not been exceeded.
  • Organic fertilizers as material to nourish plants use organic fertilizer from compost household waste or manure of cattle. If it didn't get to make it you can buy it at a nearby farm shop, remember! use organic fertilizers instead of chemical synthetic fertilizers.
  • A black plastic sheet, point to plant mustard seeds are overshadowing for before being transferred to land for planting.
  • Container nursery place mustard greens, can use a given hole flat tray bottom so that water is not pooled.
  • Hoe and another standard gardening tool.
Mustard Greens
Mustard Greens
How to grow vegetables in the Garden Organic mustard
The following processes/steps to plant mustard greens organic farm:

  1. Prepare the land for planting, make sure the soil in a State conducive with dug it up in advance. Add compost and cages to by nutrient elements in soil and leave it for 2 or 3 days while being doused with enough water.
  2. Do propagate seed mustard on a container that is already prepared in advance. Do I take the soil planting media we have sport and place it in the prepared container. Then sprinkle the seeds mustard seeds that we buy from the farm. Don't be too tight, keep the distance between seeds not narrower than 2 cm so as not too rushed. Then cover with a thin-thin soil over the seeds, make sure all the seeds covered the ground. After that cover with black plastic or more for avoiding the mustard seeds sown exposed to sunlight directly. Also in order to avoid the rain. Place the seedbed in the shade. Do process the seedbed seedlings mustard greens in the afternoon.
  3. Once the seedlings grow for mustard greens which we shoot with some of the leaves and the stem and roots have had a pretty strong move from the media to the land for which we have by before. Try the transfer is done in the evening and carefully.
  4. Perform maintenance on the plant mustard greens that had been planted in the land to plant with even soaked it when the soil begins to dry out. There is no guide on how often watering, do so only if deemed necessary. Occasionally provide nutrients in the form of liquid organic fertilizer to support mustard greens plant growth. If you see there is a pest attack, do the spraying with the organic pesticide that can be created with a concoction of natural ingredients such as garlic. For more details about these natural pesticides, I will discuss in the next post.
  5. Plant organic vegetable mustard greens can be harvested after 2-3 months depending on the type of mustard greens and nutrient elements as well as the availability of sunlight.
    Mustard Greens
    Mustard Greens
It's so easy to planting mustard greens organic in the garden of the House.
Good luck!
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