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Easy Tips for Choosing Healthy Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables
Organic gardening definitely will not regardless of whose name vegetables. Because it is basically the most suitable planted in gardens organically is vegetables, although there is also some kind of fruit.

Because it's so the magnitude of the benefits of vegetables for our bodies then we should consume it on a regular basis. But there are important things to note in selecting appropriate and healthy vegetable to consume you and your family. Because if it's wrong in choosing vegetables could be healthy not obtained thus disease that attacks our body.
This time I will divide some important tips in selecting healthy vegetables for consumption, of course, in this case, is not planting vegetables that we own.

The following tips in selecting healthy vegetables:

1. The color still looks fresh
Tip on choosing a healthy vegetable first is seen from its fresh look, not dull. This is very important especially in a vegetable leaf such as spinach, celery, kale, Basil etc you should choose fresh green not wilted or yellowed. Note whether there are vegetables on the white patches that might have been a remnant of pesticides which dries up, it's very dangerous if you consume.
In order to clean vegetables and avoid the germs or bacteria, you can soak the vegetables in salt water about 10 minutes. Then rinse with clean water flowing. As for keeping the freshness of vegetables, save the vegetables already cleaned in the fridge. But the vegetables should be in an absolutely dry after being washed. Place the vegetables in a sealed container.

2. See the texture or shape of vegetables
Most vegetables are good is that we buy directly from the farmers who had just harvested. But we have to select it in the jelly, lest we get vegetables are not good for the health of the body. To recognize the healthy vegetables we can see from the texture or shape. Healthy vegetables have an intact form and not wrinkled or shriveled.
On tubers such as potatoes, choose a textured hard, not runny, and creased hollow. For vegetables such as spinach leaves, select a clearly visible bones leaves and the stem is easily broken. This indicates that these vegetables are still fresh.
Fresh Potatoes
Fresh Potatoes
3. Vegetables are eaten grubs are usually healthy
The Caterpillar is obviously not going to take the vegetables that are exposed to chemical pesticides. Therefore conventionally grown vegetables instead of using chemical pesticides definitely organic to avoid pest attacks, so that the shape will be intact and not perforated for vegetable leaves. Perforated vegetable caterpillar eat the former does look not good, but rather it could be an indicator of the vegetable is good for consumption or not. Logically if caterpillar eats the vegetables did not die then vegetables are not exposed to chemical pesticides can be toxic to our body. Although the pesticide can be eliminated with washed well but did not close the possibility still lags behind most of the chemicals on vegetables.
Cauliflower hollow edible caterpillars
Cauliflower hollow edible caterpillars
That's some easy tips in choosing vegetables are healthy for our bodies. It would be better if we grow vegetables in our own gardens organically, that was certainly good for consumption.

Thank you for reading articles about how to choose a good vegetable. May be useful.
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