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Benefits of Organic Gardening

Organic Garden
Organic Garden
Benefits of organic gardening

Basically, organic gardening is to improve the quality of the soil or the planting medium with nutrient elements of organic or natural, rather than focus on its vegetation. So if the soil is already good quality planting anything we will easily grow well.

Because we cultivate the soil using organic ingredients without chemicals then we will automatically be healthy.

The following benefits of organic gardening:

1. Organic gardening produce healthy vegetables and fruits
The most important benefits of organic gardening are making healthy vegetables and fruits because without chemicals at all, which is the source of the poison. The needs of the family will be healthy fruits and vegetables will be sure with gardening organically.
Organic Vegetables
Healthy Organic Vegetables
2. Save on household spending

It cannot be denied that our need for vegetables and fruits for our health is very important. So every day we must take in order to keep the body healthy and fit. But consume them by purchasing will spend money that is not a little. Buying vegetables and fruits from the market also does not guarantee free from chemicals that are dangerous. So the solution is only one, planting itself organically.

3. Organic gardening does not pollute the environment
Now, this world is experiencing serious problems resulting from the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are massive. Soil regeneration system being disrupted because of them, the longer the ground becomes infertile, water becomes polluted, so to the air. Whereas if we are gardening organically, all the environmental pollution can be avoided and minimized.

4. The benefits of organic gardening for health physics and mentally.
A great many benefits for mental and physical health to go organic. The time spent in the Garden working with the soil and plants can be very meditative and peaceful. Organic gardening lately, not just as a hobby, but it has become a way of life. Organic gardening has also made its way into the mental health industry in the form of horticultural therapy.

5. Do not require extensive land, anywhere can

For gardening organically, we do not require a vast land. Even on the roof of our house, we can do it.

6. Reduce household waste is wasted
Waste or household waste that derived from organic materials such as the rest of the vegetables and fruits we can make the skin as a natural compost material that is very nice. Also, we keep the cattle feces. So it's not piling up and polluting the environment.

So, let's start organic gardening ^_^
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